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Would You Eat A PB & J to Help Save the Environment?

PB&J Sandwich During my recent visit to the Green Festival in Washington DC, I ran across a lot of individuals, groups, and organizations who had booths set up to get the word out about their various causes. Most of what I saw was to be expected. For example, some wanted me to sign their petition to get XYZ company to stop doing something stupid to the environment, or to encourage some person or company to do something better for the environment. At this point in my “going green” efforts, I’m not much into grass-roots activism, but I’m not opposed to lending my support to a worthwhile cause with a signature or an occasional donation. There was such a huge number of vendors and eye-candy to take in at the Green Festival, that I must admit I saved this area of the venue for last. As I’d expected, I ran short on time the last day of the festival and had to make a “mad dash” through a couple of aisles of booths. As a result, I came home with some brochures and information that I hadn’t really had a chance to investigate thoroughly at the event. As I browsed through my Green Festival loot at home, one of these brochures really struck me as an unusually out-of-the-ordinary cause.

At the risk of being politically incorrect, or stepping on anyone’s toes, I’ve chosen the PB&J Campaign as the “Strangest” booth of the DC Green Festival. And I mean “Strangest” in the best possible way. Then again, I happen to be a big fan of peanut butter and jelly. If your initial reaction is similar to what mine was, you’re probably wondering what the hell a PB&J has to do with living a more eco friendly lifestyle. It’s pretty simple really…

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