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My Husband Turned Off My Coffee Pot (and lived)!

Coffee switchLately I’ve been trying to think of some easy ways that my husband and I can make our lifestyle a little more eco-friendly. We’re certainly not ready to move into a Tumbleweed Tiny House or do our business in a cardboard “shitbox” (hey, I didn’t name it). But we can certainly manage some small, easy changes.

My husband is not necessarily opposed to going green, but sometimes when I nonchalantly mention doing something a little different, the Hubby looks at me as if I’ve just grown a purple horn from my left nostril. You know “the look” … the one that screams, “You want me to change WHAT?!?” I swear, I’m not asking him to wear recycled underwear or anything, but any change can be difficult. I get it. So, I tread cautiously when recommending any grand upheaval of our daily routine.

Imagine my surprise when my dear husband approached me recently with his very own idea of how we can reduce the energy consumption from one of our most used (and most beloved) appliances…the coffee pot?!

He made his case, and on this rare occasion – although I saw through his charade – I had to admit that he was making sense. Admitted it to myself, that is. Never admit to your husband that he’s making sense; it’s a very slippery slope. Next thing you know he’ll think he can make sense twice in a row. But seriously (almost), you have to understand something about me, and about my husband, in order to appreciate this most recent “green” change that has become our new daily routine.

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5 Mobile Apps That Make Eco Friendly Living Easier

Seems that just about everyone these days has an iPhone, or iPod Touch, or some other can’t-live-without-it hand held gadget. I suspect that if our species continues at this rate, our evolution will include the growth of a third (and possibly fourth) hand just to keep up with all these gadgets we can no longer leave the house without! Well, if you have one of these hi-tech growths attached to your hand, then you also have a valuable resource for living a more eco friendly life. There are some pretty handy apps you can download that will help make green living a little easier and more convenient. Here are 5 of them worth a look. Continue reading